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Whether your brewery or distillery is looking to expand into new premises or simply needs a new conditioning tank or fermentation vessel, an equipment finance solution can support you.

This type of funding allows you to gain access to the assets you need upfront, while spreading the cost over a fixed period.
At Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, we can finance fermenting vessels, mash tuns, conditioning tanks, pumps, labellers for bottling and canning lines and more. We take the time to understand your business and can tailor finance solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our specialists understand the importance of both long and short-term goals and have in-depth knowledge in the industry.
There are several benefits of using an equipment finance solution, such as flexibility, increased productivity and improved cashflow. At Close Brothers Brewery Rentals we have a number of different types of equipment finance that can be tailored to fit your specific business requirements.

Our equipment finance solutions include:

Hire purchase

A hire purchase scheme involves a business acquiring equipment and spreading the cost over the lifetime of the asset. These instalments make it easier for a company to budget and repayments can be structured to fit around any seasonal fluctuation that may occur in their cash flow.

The business maintains control as they are still the owner of the assets for tax purposes, so can normally claim capital allowances and reclaim VAT.

Finance lease

A finance lease enables a company to gain access to the equipment they need through a rental agreement which can be flexible and tailored to their needs. This solution can enhance cash flow as it does not require the large upfront costs of purchasing an asset outright and can usually be offset against pre-tax profits.

At the end of the rental period, the company has several options. They can either return the asset to the financier, continue to use the equipment through a secondary rental period, or sell the asset and keep most of the income generated by the sale.

Sale and rent back

Sale and rent back allows a company to sell their existing equipment to a funder, such as Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, and then lease it back at a fixed monthly rate. This means the business still has access to the resources they need to operate on a day-to-day basis, but no longer has the financial risk of losing money from depreciating assets.

This type of finance solution quickly improves cash flow and can also potentially reduce debt and liability because equipment in use no longer appears on the business’ balance sheet.


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