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Equipment finance gives you access to the assets you need upfront while allowing you to spread the costs over time. 

This straight-forward way to fund new equipment for the production of beer, cider and other drinks is used by many industry specialists, but why is it so popular? We explain why this form of finance could benefit your business:

Fixed monthly costs

An equipment finance solution from Close Brothers makes it easier to budget. You agree static costs over a fixed period, improving overall liquidity and allowing you to make longer term plans.


We can fund a wide range of assets, from a new conditioning tank to the total installation of a new brewery. Using our strong partnerships with a wide range of approved suppliers, we can offer advice on the sourcing of the equipment.


Our flexible funding solutions can be tailored to your commercial requirements. We work closely with businesses to match payments to cash flow and can even take seasonal fluctuations into consideration.

Improve cash flow

Equipment finance gives you immediate access to the machinery and equipment you need without putting a strain on your cash flow. This enables you to invest working capital elsewhere, for example in people, infrastructure or to support growth plans.

Enable growth

Many SMEs have growth aspirations, but it can be a challenge to raise the capital needed to realise this while supporting your day-to-day tasks. Our commercial solutions can remove these barriers because a lower initial outlay is required to invest in new equipment.

Increase productivity

The right funding can make your production processes more effective. By using equipment finance to upgrade your systems or invest in new machinery, you could save your business time, boost output and increase margins.

Specialist support

Our experts will take time to understand your unique commercial pressures and aims. We can fund new technology, but we also understand that traditional pieces such as fermenting vessels, conditioning tanks and mash tuns are crucial for your work.