Container Services

Container services

We repair and service brewery containers across the UK



Professional and reliable services

Our container service operates from a secure, purpose-built factory in South Yorkshire. We repair and maintain over 3.5 million containers per year, as well as supporting the direct warranty management of keg extractors.

We also offer a mobile repair service, and can work on containers at your brewery or other site.


An internationally approved operation

Internationally recognised

We have achieved ISO certification which ensure that the highest standards and latest technologies are maintained at our sites. Our approved operation is used by most of the international breweries that operate in the UK.

Our container services

Our factory operates a production line that can carry out any combination of the following services:

Extractors Quality Audit
Rebranding Scrapping
  • Replacement
  • Refurbishment
  • Screening
  • Internal inspection of lining integrity (aluminium)
  • Weld/rust/other contaminants
  • Beer stone staining
  • Submersion pressure testing
  • Paint band removal
  • Paint band application
  • Ink jetting of name/numbers
  • Tampo ink marking for logos/names
  • Extractor removal and recovery (if viable)
  • Neck punch (aluminium)
Cleaning Body Repairs
Ullage Returns Processing
Storage and Despatch
  • Internal hot chemical washing (Ledbury EKegs/ECasks depot)
  • Ultra high pressure washing (chemical free facility at Thurnscoe R&M depot)
  • External pressure washing
  • Label and glue removal
  • Polishing
  • Neck and Chimb straightening
  • Expansion machines for dent removal/capacity restoration
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Container resizing
  • Delivers extensive feedback to the customer
  • Tracks true reasons of return
  • Outcome is a dramatic cut in ullage returns
  • Storage of casks and kegs
  • Delivery preparation
  • Reloading/Palletisation 

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