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01425 485 421

01425 485 421

EkegPlus works in four simple steps

Ekegplus works in four simple steps

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Key benefits

Transparent costs

Transparent costs

Use the PlusPortal to see your cost-to-serve and daily hire charges, with an 80 day cost cap in place to protect you.

Improves cash flow

Improves cash flow

With no capital tied-up in assets, you can adjust your monthly costs to reflect seasonal demand.

Ready when you are

Ready when you are

Maintain an agreed stockpile of ekegs and ecasks on-site as needed or collect them from a range of locations.

Time saving

Time saving

Track and manage hundreds of containers in seconds with RFID bulk scanning technology, providing quick asset visibility.


RFID tracking and the PlusPortal provide traceability, are straight forward to navigate and give clear visibility on the charges and billing. 

It is a big advantage to be able to view data, allowing us to reconcile an invoice at a granular level if necessary.

Thornbridge Brewery Procurement Manager, Danny Janes

RFID technology gives you a clear view

Our award-winning RFID technology gives you more visibility when managing containers and costs.

Every time the containers you’re using are scanned, the data is logged on the PlusPortal management system. This allows you to trace the progress of your product throughout the supply chain – from fill to closing the hire cycle.

The PlusPortal provides an overview of the keg or cask fleet you’re using and charges, as well as data about container usage that could help you to make logistics more efficient and improve profitability. 

Your supply chain, your choice

Our container hire service, EkegPlus, gives you the flexibility to deliver products directly to retail venues or to any of our approved wholesalers. 

When the ekegs and ecasks you're using are empty, collect them yourself to reduce costs, or wait for us to recover them, closing the hire cycle for you. 

With access to our large fleet of kegs and casks, you could extend your product's reach across mainland UK. There's no obligation to recover containers from wholesale and our pricing cap stops brewers from being overcharged.


Our services

We work with business of all sizes to provide tailored solutions for kegs, casks and container maintenance services. We provide flexible finance package for a wide range of assets from a new cask washer to the total installation of a new brewery. Find out more at Close Brothers Brewery Rentals.

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