ECasks and Craft EKegs

Ekegs and ecasks

Our flexible ekeg and ecask solutions are ideal for use in wholesale trade


Summer sale

Ecasks and ekegs summer sale

As venues reopen and consumer confidence continues to be restored, we hope to help the brewing industry thrive again with our short-term container rental offers:


£5 unwashed 30 litre ekegs

We’re offering one-time unwashed 30 litre ekegs for £5 per container. Our fill and forget service enables straight-forward wholesale distribution to venues.

Half price unwashed ecasks

We’re offering 50% off unwashed 9-gallon ecasks, up to maximum of 72 containers per month. We’ll also be extending our payment terms to 60-days to help businesses improve cash flow as the economy evolves.



Our specialist 'fill and forget' service

Our ekeg and ecask solution offers a 'fill and forget' service that makes it easier for you to work with wholesale customers. 

It's easy - you deliver your full containers, tell us where they have been sent and we'll collect them when they are empty.

We work with over 250 wholesalers across the UK, and have a large fleet of containers available to support custom requirements, including short-term and flexible leases.


Why use ekeg and ecask rental?

  • Mitigate risk - we take the risk of container loss in the wholesale trade
  • Reduce costs - we remove unseen supply chain factors which lead to increased costs
  • Increase flexibility - containers can be secured on both short and long term contracts
  • Save time - reduce container management time by making returns more convenient
  • Improve forecast accuracy - we facilitate accurate margin analysis
  • Enhance cash flow - renting containers means more working capital is available vs. buying for irregular wholesale orders

Ekeg and ecask specification:

  • Stainless steel 9 gallon casks fitted with RFID tags
  • Stainless steel 30 litre kegs fitted with S-Type extractors and RFID tags

Office address:

Lintridge Farm
Bromsberrow Heath
Nr Ledbury

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