Sale and Rent Back

Sale and rent back

Reinvest your capital from existing assets for higher returns

Unlock capital to reinvest in your business

Unlock capital to reinvest in your business

Our Sale and Rent Back solution enables you to release capital held in your existing assets.  By buying all or part of your container fleet from you, we are able to unlock that capital so it can be reinvested to help in other parts of your business.

Our bespoke solutions can help you meet your business requirements, whether they are cash flow or balance sheet driven, to meet ROC or ROI hurdles. Efficiencies can also be improved if overdue fleet upgrade, maintenance or repair work is included in the rental agreement.

Key benefits of Sale and Rent Back:

Releases capital back into the business where it can generate a higher return

Adds flexibility to future container fleet size

A single monthly rental replaces more complex and sometimes hidden operating costs

Adding services to the rental agreement can improve overall container efficiency and reduce associated costs

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