Sale and Rent Back

Sale and rent back

We can help you release capital from your existing assets without impacting workflow

Unlock capital to reinvest in your business

What is a sale and rent back agreement?

Our sale and rent back solution enables you to release capital held in your existing assets. It's simple - we buy back all or part of your container fleet, and then rent it back to you so you can continue to use the equipment you need. This provides an immediate cash injection, allowing you to reinvest in other parts of your business.

We will take time understand your business requirements and tailor solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need to free-up your balance sheets, facilitate cash flow, or upgrade and repair your fleet, we can help your business thrive.

Key benefits of sale and rent back:

Release capital back into your business where it can generate a higher return

Add flexibility to future container fleet size

Replace complex and hidden operating costs with a single monthly rental charge

Reduce associated costs and improve efficiency by adding services to the rental agreement

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