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About us

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals offer tailored solutions for kegs, casks and drinks equipment

Close Brothers Group plc

Part of Close Brothers Group plc

Founded in 2007, Close Brothers Brewery Rentals (a trading style of Close Brewery Rentals Ltd) is a part of Close Brothers Group plc. Having acquired ECasks in 2008 and CBBR Container Services in 2010, we now operate over three sites across the UK.

We manage a fleet of over 2.2 million long-term rental casks and kegs and operate an ECasks and Craft EKegs fleet of over 265,000. We constantly innovate to support the brewing sector through the provision of new keg and cask solutions. CBBR Container Services repairs and services over three and a half million containers. It also supports the direct warranty management of keg extractors.

Proud of our people

Proud of our people

Our team is dedicated to the delivery of exceptional customer service and world class container management solutions. Whatever your requirement, we will always endeavour to meet it.

Supporting the industry

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals is proud to be a SIBA Gold Standard Sponsor, and is also an associate member of the British Food and Beverage Institute and the British Beer and Pub Association. Close Brothers Brewery Rentals are also proud supporters of the London Brewers' Alliance. 

SIBA Gold Standard Sponsor



Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers Association


British Beer and Pub Association

London Brewers’ Alliance

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