Equipment Finance

Equipment finance

We provide flexible finance packages designed to support businesses

Funding solutions that let you make long term investments

What is equipment finance?

Equipment finance gives you access to the assets you need upfront while allowing you to spread the cost over time.

We fund specialist equipment used for brewing, cider production and in the wider drinks industry. Our solutions are tailored to meet business requirements and we can finance a wide range of assets, from an addition cask washer to the total installation of a new brewery.

We work with businesses on an individual basis, taking time to understand both short and long-term aims. Our equipment finance solutions include:

Types of equipment funded:

What equipment can be funded?

  • Fermenting Vessels
  • Conditioning Tanks
  • Mash Tun
  • Copper
  • Cask and Keg Washers/Fillers
  • Malt Handling/Conveyors
  • Chilling Equipment
  • Pumps
  • Palletisers
  • Labellers
  • De-shive/de-keystone machines

Benefits of Close Brothers equipment finance:

  • Improve cash flow by spreading equipment costs over a fixed-period

  • Be supported by specialists with in-depth equipment and industry knoweldge

  • Tailor finance solutions to your specific requirements

  • Adapt quickly with low deposit packages available

  • Have confidence with fair security requirements, and no hidden costs or fees

Our supplier partners

  • ABUK
  • Aetna (UK) Limited

  • Alan Ruddock Engineering
  • Albert Handtmann Armatrenfabrik GMBH & Co. KG

  • Andtriz Limited
  • Anton Paar Limited
  • Atlas Copco Limited
  • Barison Industry SAS
  • Bevtech
  • BrauKon GMBH
  • Brewing Vessels Limited
  • Bulk Storage & Process Systems Limited
  • Carbonation Techniques Limited
  • Certuss (UK) Limited
  • CFB Boilers Limited
  • Cimec S.R.L
  • Colwall Conveyor Systems Limited
  • Core Equipment Limited

  • Denwel EU S.R.O
  • Domino UK Limited
  • Enterprise Tondelli
  • FCE Hydraulics Ltd
  • Fileder Filter Systems Limited
  • FILTEC Europe GMBH
  • Forsyths Limited
  • Framax UK Limited
  • Galxc Cooling Services Limited
  • GEA Brewery Systems GMBH
  • GEA Mechanical Equipment UK Limited
  • Gravity Systems Limited
  • H.A McEwan (Boiler Repairs) Limited
  • Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment)
  • ICS Cool Energy Limited
  • Identification Technologies (Scotland) Limited
  • Jarshire Limited

  • KHS UK Limited
  • LH Stainless Limited
  • m+f KEG-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
  • Malrex Fabrications Limited
  • Moeschle
  • Moravek International Limited
  • Nerez Cidlina s.r.o
  • PSS Svidnik A.S

  • Process Pipework Fabrications Limited
  • Profil Solutions Limited
  • Pureweld Stainless Limited
  • Quadrachem Laboratories Limited

  • Romfil GMBH

  • Simatec SRL
  • SPAsoft
  • Spectac International Limited

  • Stainless Steel Vessels Limited
  • T.Musk Engineering Limited
  • Tim Crowley t/a Crowley Engineering
  • Vigo
  • Vitikit Limited
  • Willis European
  • ZIP Technologies.

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