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To support brewers and cider producers in the UK as lockdown restriction are eased, we are offering ecasks for just £3 and ekegs for just £5, with extended payment terms of up to 60-days.

The promotion of our unwashed containers are available to all brewers and drinks producers and aims to help cash flow as the hospitality industry reopens.

Ekeg and ecask offer

The £3 unwashed 9-gallon ecasks and £5 unwashed 30-litre ekeg offers will run until 30 June 2021. It aims to support breweries through-out the summer months with straight-forward, flexible container rental solutions.

In addition, those using £3 ecasks and £5 ekegs will benefit from extended payment terms of up to 60-days. This gives businesses an additional 20 days to pay, which may provide some cash flow relief as breweries and cider producers begin to service the hospitality sector again.

Fill and forget wholesale distribution

Ecasks and ekegs are well known in the industry thanks to the ‘fill and forget’ approach to wholesale distribution they provide to breweries. Beer and cider producers simply rent and fill containers, report which wholesaler they have been delivered to, and leave them to be collected by Close Brothers Brewery Rentals when they are empty.

David Beswick, Managing Director, said:

“Our message to brewers is clear: we’re here to help. We hope that this straight-forward discount, as well as ongoing support from our industry experts, will aid businesses across the UK.

“As the drinks and hospitality industries pick themselves up following the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19, it is vital that appropriate support is available. We recognise the need for flexible and responsive solutions, and our offers reflects our commitment to respond to brewers’ needs.”

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Full terms and conditions, including eligibility, can be found at