Equipment Finance - Fourpure Limited


Name: Fourpure Limited
Business requirement: Expansion including a new 40HL Brewhouse
Industry: Brewing Company
Product solution: Equipment finance

Fourpure Limited was founded in 2013 by Dan and Tom Lowe; two brothers with a passion for beer and travel. The brewery remains a family run business and the team strongly believe in working with great ingrediants to brew their beer. In fact, the four key ingredients used to make beer - grain, yeast, hops and water - are what inspired the name 'Fourpure'. 

Within the last four years the company has grown to become the third largest independent London brewery, of which there are more than 105 across the city. They are also the only London based brewery to grow by nearly 100% for four years running.

From the outset, the strategic aim of the business was to invest in infrastructure, people and process, which has enabled them to scale fast and continue to expand.

Fourpure have recently expanded the brewery, including installation of a 40HL brewhouse at a project cost of around £2.5m, enabling them to keep up with the growing demand and rapid development that the business is experiencing.

By expanding into a fifth warehouse, covering a total of 20,000 square feet, Fourpure has completed a growth phase seeing improvements to their now state-of-the-art brewing, packaging and distribution facilities. The addition will allow them to increase production capability by 400% to 14 million pints per year.

To support this crucial expansion, Close Brothers Brewery Rentals was able to provide a Hire Purchase facility to fund the new Brewhouse. In-depth understanding of the industry and the equipment required enabled Fourpure and Close Brothers to arrange this complex deal in a time frame to suit the brewery. The equipment, which includes a GEA new 40HL Brewhouse, complete with fermentation vessels, carbonator, centrifuge, CIP and other associated equipment, was installed and commissioned in the last few months of 2017.

In addition to equipment, Close Brothers has also supported Fourpure by providing a further funding facility to assist with the future keg procurement requirements that they will continue to have as a result of this growth.

The future is looking very bright for Fourpure, and Close Brothers Brewery Rentals looks forward to continuing to support this innovative and growing business.

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