Consolidation - The Twisted Brewing Company Limited

Case study

Name: The Twisted Brewing Company Limited
Business requirement: Finance Options on current LTR contracts
Industry: Micro Brewery
Product solution: Consolidation

Twisted Brewing are an authentic micro-brewery, overlooked by the White Horse of Westbury in West Wiltshire. As a craft brewery, they only use quality ingredients and traditional processes to produce hand-crafted ales. Their aim is to create small batches of quality session beers that have taste, aroma and clarity.

The passion is evident in all that they do, from sourcing ingredients through to the care they take in handling their beer throughout the brewing process. They take pride in their finished products and want the customer to enjoy drinking them as much as they enjoy making them.

Twisted Brewing is run by a small but capable team who are all passionate and enthusiastic about beer. Main Brewer, Andrew Murray, has a long history of commercial operations. He experiments with ingredients and ensures each batch is monitored and evaluated prior to dispatch.

The company currently has two long term rental contracts with Close Brothers Brewery Rentals which have gone into secondary rentals. Andrew approached CBBR to find out what options were available to save the company money going forward.

From discussing Twisted Brewing’s requirements, CBBR advised Andrew on a bespoke package in order to aid the company in their goal to save money. CBBR offered the option to reschedule their agreements to a lower monthly cost. They also offered the option to consolidate both agreements onto one new schedule. Andrew was given the costs for both 18 months and 60 months repayment schedules as per his request.

Andrew was happy with the costs given and chose to progress with the 60 month agreement which meant a saving of just under £200 per month. The deal was signed and posted out the same day. Andrew was happy at the speed of the response to his business requirements and in knowing that Twisted Brewing would be making a significant cost saving each month.

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