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The client

Rooster’s Brewing Co was founded in 1993 and has remained a family owned, independent brewer, bringing quality new world pale ales to customers. Based in North Yorkshire, the Fozard family have continued to organically grow the business since acquiring the brewery in 2011, doubling production in the first five years, and undertook a sizeable move from Knaresborough to Harrogate.

Over the past decade the current team have been awarded more than 50 accolades, including at the industry renowned International Brewing Awards. Priding themselves on in-house capabilities, they currently produce 65% cask, 25% can and 10% keg.

The challenge

The company have been long time ecask rental users with Close Brothers Brewery Rentals, specifically used for on-trade.

With a varied client base in the UK predicting requirements and planning accordingly can become a challenge. Combined with seasonal changes this has tested fulfilment for the business, when demand far exceeded the forecasts made.

The solution

Moving to EkegPlus with Close Brothers Brewery Rentals was an easy transition, having their own washing facilities allows them to collect containers from wholesale or trade venues, return them to the brewhouse and get them ready for use again as and when needed. Scanning in containers as they collect them also ends their hire cycle, making it easier to control costs.

Tom Fozard, Commercial Director at Rooster’s Brewing Co, said:

“Using EkegPlus has given us much more flexibility and allows rental casks to go into trade, removing a logistical hassle between our own containers and rentals that previously existed, as well as any issues around cask availability due to market fluctuations that couldn’t be predicted.

We found it easy to get our team up to speed with the new system, scanners and software. There’s a few of us using Plus Portal, which is great knowing we can utilise it for separate parts of the business, depending on our needs. I access it for ordering and logistics, while a colleague uses it to keep on top of the finances. This helps us spread the cost of rentals and forecast appropriately for new contracts.”