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The most common neck for a keg in Europe is 14 tpi threaded style, but there are many variations on this fitting across the UK and this can create problems for breweries.

We’ve created a process to standardise the extractor type, or ‘neck’, on existing beer kegs. 

Our equipment can machine cut neck types, such as the BS neck, and fit the more common threaded style. This process allows brewers to keep their existing containers by modifying them, rather than having to replace them and invest in a new fleet.

The benefits of updating kegs with a 14 tpi neck include:

  • More efficiency and a lower failure rate
  • Lower refurbishment costs
  • Improved health and safety record

Using this world-first process, we have already converted more than 30,000 containers, and are continuing to work with breweries across Europe to offer our neck conversion option.

If you want to convert the necks on any of your containers, call us today on 01425 485 421 to find out more about our process.