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Our customer

Brew York was established in 2016 by two friends with a passion for craft beer. Since then, the brewery has grown quickly and now boasts a range of beers, as well four tap rooms in and around York. The brand is well-known for its rich flavours and quality.

The challenge

Brew York has worked with Close Brothers Brewery Rentals since it opened. The flourishing partnership has enabled investment in the business and to access the container fleet they needed.

Having previously used a mixture of long-term and short-term rental solutions, during the coronavirus pandemic, the brewery required a more flexible container solution that would mean they could reduce and increase their fleet usage when needed.

The solution

After speaking to our container rental experts, Brew York started to use our flexible rental solution, EkegPlus. This means they have access to a pool of more than 400,000 containers and they only pay for the time they use.

For Brew York, EkegPlus means that they can access ekegs and ecasks as needed. It has given them more control over distribution costs because, together with our bulk scanning equipment, they can close the rental cycles earlier and view a transparent overview of cost-to-serve and daily hire charges using our PlusPortal platform.

Having previously used some plastic casks, Brew York were also pleased with the quality of the fleet. All of our EkegPlus containers are made of stainless steel, the preferred solution across the brewing industry, and fitted with an RFID tag, making them more environmentally friendly due to their high quality, hard-wearing, and reusable nature.

The result

Wayne Smith, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Brew York said:

“Ekegplus works really well for our brewery. We use both kegs and casks, and it’s a better solution for us. Everyone is really happy with the product.

“While prices have increased elsewhere in our operations, moving to the new rental option has helped us to save on packaging and distribution costs. The pay-per-use model gives us more flexibility, so we can top up our container fleet when we need to.”