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Our customer

Blackjack Brewing Co started as a one-man operation in 2012 and has slowly grown to a thriving hub, based in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. The team has organically developed, focusing on traditional brewing methods, and now produces almost 9,000 litres per week. Supplying throughout the northwest of England primarily to trade in addition to their three market bars and pubs.

The challenge

During the covid lockdowns, the brewery needed to pivot quickly making dynamic changes to the products and selling directly to customers. Being able to adapt and manage fluctuations became important  to continue to support growth plans.

The business also had a need for more reactive systems in place for their kegs. With limited yard space available, balancing logistics for on-trade orders could be time-consuming.

The result

EkegPlus was ideally positioned to lower the costs of hiring kegs, with greater flexibility for fluctuations in orders. It allows access to a pool of more than 400,000 containers with payment only for the time used. With the ability to close rental cycles earlier, the distribution costs can be easily managed.

Rich Andrew, Brewery Manager at Blackjack said,

“The main benefit from using EkegPlus has been the reduction  in cost. Purchasing the kegs would’ve been a huge outlay for us. Since having the system in place it’s been helpful, the simplicity of making any changes means we can be reactive when we need to, with no extra admin or planning needed for our team.”