Transatlantic export service beerQX to launch in 2017

beerQX - Quality Export Solutions


Quality Export Solutions

The two largest keg solutions providers in the world have joined forces to revolutionise the transatlantic draught beer supply chain.

US keg services company MicroStar (M*) and UK and Europe based Close Brothers Brewery Rentals have created beerQX.

Launching in 2017, beerQX will provide a quality solution to meet brewers’ US and UK/European supply-chain requirements.

By taking advantage of a combined fleet of over 4-million kegs and a dedicated fleet of cold-chain capable bulk containers, brewers can be safe in the knowledge their beer will be distributed to their customer in the best quality containers available – stainless steel.

The beerQX service will include use of MicroStar and Close Brothers Brewery Rentals keg fleets, logistics, transatlantic shipping and of course great customer service.


UK Fleet

  • We operate a UK fleet of approx. 1.5 million casks and kegs
  • Established specialist UK brewery rental and finance company
  • Over 450 brewery customers
  • World class keg quality and maintenance services

About Close Brothers Brewery Rentals: Founded in 2007, we manage a fleet of approx. 1.5 million long term rental casks and kegs and operates ECasks and Craft EKegs, one of the largest pooled keg programs in the world.


US Fleet

  • We have a U.S. pool of approx.3 million Sankey D-Type kegs (1/2 bbl and sixtels)
  • 1500 US distributor partnerships
  • Over 500 brewery customers
  • World class keg quality and maintenance services
  • Service approx. half of the largest U.S. brewers

About M*: Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Denver-based MicroStar Logistics is the leading diversified keg solutions provider, controlling the largest independently owned pool of kegs in the world. 


For more information about beerQX and how we could help you, please contact our team:

Dan Vorlage – US enquiries
e:  t: +01 303-330-0290

David Beswick – UK/Europe enquiries
e:  t: +44 (0)1425 485421

To find out how we can help, please contact us today.