Rental EKeg Fleet - Stone Brewing

Stone Brewing GmbH

Stone Brewing was founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996, in San Diego, United States and is the 10th largest craft brewer in the US. Their Berlin (Germany) brewery, built in 2016, is viewed as their European Hub - supplying beer in Germany and exporting to the UK through an exclusive distributor.


After first brewing in September 2016 and initially using one-way plastic kegs, Stone Brewing were looking for a stainless steel option for kegs which would comply with the company’s philosophy of sustainability and business ethics and be suitable for both domestic and export markets. Stone are also planning to export their beers to neighbouring European countries in the near future.


Our trusted EKegs were chosen for use as export containers to the UK because of the benefits of immediate availability with no capital investment and no reverse logistics, synonymous with EKegs.


Following a successful export order using EKegs, our unique long term keg rental service was discussed as a opportunity to provide a uniform keg fleet for use in all of Stone’s target markets. The option of printing the kegs with Stone Brewing’s bespoke livery was also a key requirement and provided a distinctive visual element to Stone’s container fleet. We supplied two lots of long term rental containers, each for 750 x 30 Litre Stainless Steel Euro Kegs fitted with A-Type safety extractors and branded to Stone’s specification, in June 2017.


Having a rental keg fleet at their disposal, has enabled Stone Brewing Berlin to have greater flexibility in distributing the beer in kegs to export countries such as the UK where stainless steel kegs are preferred. A higher export volume is now also possible which increases the brewery’s beer output without the need for capital investment in kegs.

With these improvements to their keg fleet management, Stone’s Sustainability and Resource Management philosophy is now demonstrated in their keg beer production and distribution.

We are continuing to work together with Stone Brewing to provide a consistent keg supply to suit their growing needs and a further 250 kegs were delivered to the Berlin brewery in September 2017.

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