Equipment finance - Redemption Brewing Company Ltd


Name: Redemption Brewing Company Ltd
Business requirement: Financial support
Industry: Brewing Company
Product solution: Equipment Finance

Based in Tottenham, Redemption Brewing Company was one of the first of the new wave of breweries to bring beer production back to the Capital.  They produce around 15000 pints of beer every week from an 1800 litre brewery plant.

The business was looking for a finance solution to increase and improve quality and efficiency.  They also wanted to increase their product range and create an infrastructure which would allow them to move to the next level.

Andy Moffat and Sam Rigby, owners of Redemption, contacted Close Brothers Brewery Rentals to discuss their financial requirements.  CBBR proposed a tailor-made financial solution by offering financial support for a 30 Barrel steam brewery and over £200,000 of equipment.  This would help to achieve Redemption’s financial issues and also meet the demands of the supplier; Moeschle – a highly reputable supplier in the industry.

The result of the support from CBBR has meant that Redemption are moving from their existing site to a larger site in November 2015 and are increasing capacity from 9000 litres per week to 21,300 litres due to the increased space.  The new brewery will allow Redemption to utilize steam technology and improve cleaning systems, therefore reducing the cost of producing each pint of beer and allowing them to increase margins and improve their competitiveness.

Andy Moffat commented, “If only all our suppliers were as easy to deal with and valued relationships as much as CBBR, life would be much easier!”

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