German keg rental

Keg Rental in Germany


Close Brothers Brewery Rentals (CBBR) is a subsidiary of Close Brothers Group plc.

Close Brothers is a leading UK merchant banking group.

CBBR are specialists in the brewery sector and our flagship product is rental of stainless steel casks and kegs. A successful UK brewery rental company, CBBR operates a fleet of over 2.3m containers and continues to go from strength to strength.







Why rent Kegs?

Renting containers is the alternative to cash purchase, and is particularly effective with high flexibility in the business processes and sale of beer.

The rental option allows breweries to take advantage of immediate sales potential and also to manage peak demand.

Rentals include silk screen printing/colour bands of your choice with a minimum order quantity of 100 kegs. Rental pricing is available on request.


Long Term Keg Rental – Key Benefits

  • No up front capital outlay
  • High flexibility and immediate availibility
  • Rental is tax efficient therefore reducing real costs over time
  • The rentals are “off balance sheet” and preserve capital ratios
  • Rental agreements are available over 18, 36 & 60 month periods, shorter terms on request

We have kegs available within a short lead time and can supply from stock

Our containers are standard specification 30 litre and 50 litre DIN kegs, fitted with your choice of extractor.

Other types of containers are also available: 20 litre slim keg, 30 litre and 50 litre Euro kegs.

Keg rental


Our EKegs are now also in the market in Germany. The 20L Slim Keg is currently available, later also 30L DIN Keg and 50L DIN Keg.

The exclusive partner for the EKeg is our partner LOGIPACK, the leading provider of pool load trays for the beverage industry.

The Ekeg is delivered to you for short-term use including logistics. Logistics to your customers and to the wholesale can also be taken over. The empty keg is then collected again via the wholesaler.



EKegs. For more diversity at the tap

  • Cost-efficient  

EKegs provide a simple, transparent and calculable solution, without incurring upfront investment costs. 

  • Flexible

EKegs can be used by brewers during periods of peak demand and for long-cycle wholesale businesses, without the expensive excess of keg holding and storage.

  • Available

EKegs are in stock and delivery can be arranged at short notice, meaning you can react to your customers' demands almost immediately. 

  • Improved stock rotation

EKegs allow for greater stock rotation within your brewery and the supply chain, giving you the best possible quality of beer and helping you to get the most out of your bar. 

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