Cask and Keg Rentals

Cask and keg rentals

Long and short term keg rental

A personalised monthly rental service

Our rental service

We offer a fixed monthly rental over an agreed term on casks and kegs branded to your specification and delivered to your brewery. At the end of the rental period, containers can be returned or retained for a further rental period at a reduced cost.

Why choose long term Cask and Keg rental?

  • No upfront capital outlay
  • Costs spread over the lifetime of the container therefore matching outflow to revenue
  • Rental is tax efficient therefore potentially reduces real costs over time
  • The rentals are “off balance sheet” and preserve capital ratios
  • Standard rental agreements are available over 18, 36 and 60 month periods, although short term rental solutions may also be available

Cask and Keg Specification:

Our standard container specifications are 464mm or 484mm 9 gallon casks and 30 and 50 litre Euro kegs.

We can supply a variety of extractor fittings for our rental kegs. We also hold a small stock of refurbished containers.

How much does it cost?

  • The monthly rental amount will vary depending on container type, quantity and rental term
  • Rental of casks or kegs for new business start-ups at less than £0.07 per container per day
  • These costs can be significantly lower for larger scaled orders

Risk of container loss and cost to return to re-rentable condition are with the hirer and a minimum order of 100 containers applies.

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