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Brewery solutions

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Full service flexible solutions

We offer full service, flexible solutions incorporating any combination of services, including ECasks and Craft EKegs, long term and short term cask and keg rental and container maintenance and refurbishment. In addition to this we can also provide flexible solutions for brewery, cider production and drinks industry equipment.

Our rental agreements can provide off balance sheet solutions for brewers, allowing much needed capital to be reinvested into the business as well as support the full container requirements of large and international brewers.

Other benefits include:

  • Rentals can help lower capital barriers for start-ups
  • Rental of casks or kegs for business start-ups begin at less than £0.07 per container per day and can be significantly lower for large scale orders
  • Recycling capital by providing sale and rent back of existing fleet opportunities
  • ECasks and Craft EKegs offer solutions for wholesale deliveries
  • Industry specialists with knowledge of the equipment we finance
  • Purpose built factory and a wealth of knowledge and experience of container repair and maintenance

Improve your efficiency with our tracking technology

We have also invested in tracking technology on our cask and keg rental fleet. Using UHF RFIDs, we can harvest data and provide informed recommendations to improve container fleet efficiency. Scanners can be placed at strategic filling points (normally on a keg or cask filling line) allowing every passing container to be logged.

This data allows measurement of cycle time and ullage/fill failure to be captured. The interpretation of this information can improve management decisions regarding container availability and purchase.

Cost benefits of utilising tracking technology may include:

  • Shortened container cycle times
  • Reduction in container requirements
  • Improved line efficiencies
  • Lower levels of line and in trade failure
  • Accurate loss rates

Supporting the industry

Close Brothers Brewery Rentals is proud to be a SIBA Gold Standard Sponsor, and is also an associate member of the British Food and Beverage Institute and the British Beer and Pub Association. Close Brothers Brewery Rentals are also proud supporters of the London Brewers' Alliance. 

SIBA Gold Standard Sponsor



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British Beer and Pub Association

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